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Jessica Bennett is an award-winning journalist and author who covers social issues and culture through a gender lens. She was recently appointed the first-ever Gender Editor of the New York Times.

Jessica began her career at Newsweek, where she was a writer and editor. With two colleagues, she wrote a cover story documenting the story of 46 women who sued the magazine for gender discrimination in the 1970s, looking at how much had changed. That story became a book, the Good Girls Revolt, by Newsweek's first female senior editor, Lynn Povich, and later an Amazon series of the same name. Jessica went on to become a columnist at, executive editor of Tumblr, and is cofounder of the Lean In Collection with Getty Images, a photo initiative to change the depiction of women in stock photography. As a writer for the New York Times, she has covered campus sexual assault, spent time with Hillary Clinton's BFFs and was the first journalist to profile Monica Lewinsky in a decade. 

Jessica has spoken about journalism and gender equality at leading institutions and government agencies including the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Harvard, Facebook, Google, Thompson Reuters and others. Yes, she's in a real-life feminist fight club. 

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